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Wayne offers a professional tree service in Orange Park and Jacksonville, Florida with insured and affordable prices. His tree service is consisted of expert Orange Park tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting and tree care services with first-class workmanship. He is an arborist with 25 years of experience and is known for being a safe tree company to hire. Our Orange Park Tree Service uses only knowledgeable, skillful and trained foresters who can properly remove, trim or care for any type of tree, shrub or bush. Wayne has helped many residential and commercial customers in Orange Park, FL with dangerous tree removal services and artistic tree trimming, quickly and safely.

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From small tree saplings to large mature trees, Orange Park tree care from us can improve your trees beauty, as well as eradicate undesired trees safely with cost you can afford. Proper tree trimming/pruning can help keep your trees living longer and could raise the value of your property. Hazardous, dead and dangerous trees are a threat to your home, place of business or an innocent person who is just walking by.
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Our educated Orange Park, Florida arborist specializes in complex tree cutting, tree beautification and correct tree care maintenance that will preserve your trees for many years.

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Tree cutters and tree trimmers we use care about trees and our customers satisfaction. They work hard for us and our clients, 24/7. If you have an emergency tree removal or tree cutting situation, out tree company is eager to accommodate you with fast, friendly and dependable service. We use special roping strategies when tree cutting so damage is avoided to your landscape, home, surrounding trees and commercial building. You can expect a free estimate every time with a cost that is affordable.

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Interesting Facts - Orange Park, Florida is located South West of Jacksonville and has a population of 8,412 in the year 2010 census. Residing in Clay County and founded in 1877.
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